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Kamis, Mei 10

Contoh Penggunaan Preposisi At, On, In Dalam Kalimat

Halo teman-teman sekalian, kali ini kita akan coba belajar tentang salah satu materi bahasa inggris yaitu preposisi waktu. Nah kalian tentu pasti sudah sering belajar bukan dan harus jago-jago bahasa Inggrisnya. Jangan lupa sering gunakan dalam percakapan agar terus ingat dan gak lupa.
Contoh Penggunaan Preposisi At, On, In Dalam Kalimat
Preposisi waktu dalam bahasa inggris

At + specific time
- I get up at 5 o'clock
- The graduation starts at 8.00

At + holiday period
- They sing carols at Chritsmas
- Come and visit us at Thanksgiving

On + days
- I will visit you on Friday
- Where were you on Monday?

On + dates
- His birthday is on August 28th
- The exam is on the 11th March

In + months
- My birthday is in February
- I'm going on vacation in September

In + years
- My mother was born in 1944
- The Titanic sank in 1912

In + the + decade
- Life was difficult in the 1950s
- There were many hippies in the '60s

In + the + century
- We are living in the 21st century
- It was built in the fifth century

In + season
- We go to Pangandaran beach in summer
- There are many flower in spring

In + time period
- The meeting starts in five minutes
- She will be here in one hours

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