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Selasa, Mei 8

Contoh Soal Placement Test Bahasa Inggris SD Memahami Paragraf

Sekolah-sekolah SD yang berbasis bilingual pastinya akan melakukan placement test buat calon siswanya bukan?. 

Nah kali ini saya akan coba bagikan contoh soal placement bahasa inggris SD bagian memahami paragraf. Silahkan dicek.

B. Read the paragraph and answer the questions


My day begins at 7.30, when my mother wakes me up. I get up at 7.35 and I take a shower. I get dressed, then I have breakfast with my family. That's about 7.45. I leave home at 8 o'clock and catch the bus. I get to school at about 8.20. Our lessons begin at 8.30 and I always arrive on time. At 10 o'clock we have a 20 minute break. After that, lessons continue till our lunch break at 11.50. We have about 30 minutes for lunch and I eat in the school canteen. We finish school at 15.15 and I go back home.

I arrive home at about a quarter to four. When I get home, I do my homework. But before that, I drink something, usually it's a glass of milk. Before dinner I do my homework. We always have dinner at 7.30. I usually help my mother with the washing up. My mother is a teacher. After dinner she's always busy-she corrects her student's work and prepares her lessons. The I watch TV and go bed.

1. What time does Laura have breakfast?
a. at a quarter to eight
b. in quarter past eight
c. in fifteen to eight
d. on eight fifteen

2. How does Laura get to school?
a. on bus
b. with a bus
c. with bus
d. by bus

3. Another way of saying 'continue' is
a. go on
b. go in
c. go past
d. go you

4. How long is her lunch break?
a. half hour
b. half past
c. a hour half
d. half an hour

5. Another way of saying "I arrive home" is
a. I go the home
b. I get home
c. I go to the home
d. I get to home

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